1. Vincent Frano Illustration →

    Gave the old website a bit of a make-over.

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    We’re here to live life to experience the world through our senses, we’re also here to make it a better place for ourselves and the future.

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    Curious, spiritual, young-at-heart.

  4. Atlantic Works Announces ENGENDERED →

    ‘In Pseudonymity Veritas’ was accepted into the show! I drop it off on Tuesday. This is very exciting! Especially after my long hiatus from art. I think the last time my art was accepted into (or even entered in) an exhibition was 2012. The show is at Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston. I don’t think I’ll make it to the Opening, but I’ll probably be able to be there for 3rd Thursday.

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    Anxious stargazing wanderer.

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    Buying a handful of lighters at the corner store, a firetruck roars past. The cool Shaper would have been responsible for the firetruck, would have perhaps smiled a little too widely, the flashing lights reflecting in perfect teeth as the cashier rings in the lighters.

    There you go. The cool me burns things. The actual me just cheers on folks who burns things, and occasionally bakes them banana bread.

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    Creative, social, passionate.

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    It is better to be kind than right.

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    my face is this

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    forced misanthrope & nihilist with a secret agenda

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    put me in a room full of strangers and i’ll walk out with a room full of friends. i can get along with almost anybody, and i take no shit or drama.

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    If a Blythe doll and a hideous witch that lived in a gingerbread house in the woods somehow had a child, and then left, leaving the child to be raised by feral cats. And the cats let the child eat too much sugar and wear too much makeup, and taught it to read with antique fairytale books and a dictionary of medical abnormalities. And the child just wanted to stay in their gingerbread house with their cat family and bake and make art, but they had to go out and interact with humanity and hated nearly every damn minute of it.

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    To be we need to know the river
    holds the salmon and the ocean
    holds the whales as lightly
    as the body holds the soul
    in the present tense, in the present tense.
    - Ursula K Le Guin

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    “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

  15. In Pseudonymity Veritas
    Interactive Mixed Media

    This piece is intended to explore internet profiles and the way they offer us all a chance at expressing ourselves freely, without the pressures of the physical world. Under pseudonyms, we are able to present ourselves however we wish, and as a result, others may perceive us differently online than in “real life”. In “real life” we are often defined by our physical appearances and presentations, which may not always reflect our internal selves. The internet provides a space where people may define themselves as they wish, often being more truthful and open, for better or worse. Those who view us online, in the absence of photographs, legal names, or other “real world” defining features, will form opinions of us that may differ from the “reality”. Gender, sexuality, race, age, nationality, and so on may become ambiguous or viewed differently from how others view our physical selves. This could be intentional or not. We may reveal our true inner self, the self we wish to be, or someone else entirely.

    Each profile is presented as a small booklet which contains a portrait and profile based on information provided by volunteers. The portraits are painted from descriptions every volunteer provided, detailing their interests, personality, philosophies, etc. without using any physically identifying information. The user names are names each participant chose and their “about” section is quoted directly from each participant.

    This ended up becoming an ongoing project, as I have more volunteers than space on the original piece (which is being submitted to a gallery show). Plan on seeing many more of these profile booklets in the future! I may open commissions as well, where I’ll send you a fully completed profile booklet.